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So many of us love conferences, but it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by so many options that are usually oriented to one field neuroscience of application. Any professional or scientific researcher visits more than 10 conferences yearly. Attending conferences is a key to a strong professional network. The lectures that we attend give us a new perspective on current trends. We get ideas. Science and technology are in constant progress. Being informed on current trends is a crucial part of our professional life, but there’s a lot of hype around AI and digital health, but as with every ground-breaking idea, it’s hard to tell the difference between reality and marketing. 


One of the best tips for choosing the right conference is to look into your career and what is your next step. Do you feel like there is a gap in your knowledge or have you decided to find more clients from a particular industry or country? Is there significant development in a different field that will give you another perspective on your current work? We usually have all those things on our mind when we choose a conference or an event to attend. 


We are entering a new era of innovation in which Neuroscience and AI are going to reshape traditional industries like healthcare, business, and communication. It is an exciting future but also poses new ethical and workflow challenges. Such technologies require a large number of different expertise and an interdisciplinary view of the field: scientists, uncovering human physiology and behavior. On the other hand, if you are predominantly in academia, you may miss groundbreaking the development of new algorithms and applications. Techmakers usually do not have access to scientific resources or they miss the background that can help them validate their product or idea. Businesses, responding to consumer demands and investors, empowering innovative projects. These stakeholders speak very different “languages” and the information is often “lost in translation”.


If you are interested in visiting an event that gathers top researchers, startups and business innovators in the field of Neuroscience and AI then visiting a Brainstorms Festival is must for you. Brainstorms Festival taking place in Vienna (September 27th-28th, 2019) is neuroscience, neurotech, health tech, digital health, innovation festival featuring businesses and human-oriented technology. 


 The aim of the conference is to bring the key players together and helping them to understand each other better through scientific talks and hands-on workshops to bridge the gap between business, academia, and industry. 


Event speakers come from different fields: From research scientist of NASA that can tell you more about the science of bad decisions to top AI developer who is dealing with an issue of cognitive biases in Machine Learning. The program of the Brainstorms event is divided into two-day lecture and BCI Hackathon. 


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Jelena Veinovic Stevanovic, B. Eng.

Jelena Veinovic Stevanovic, B. Eng. is digital marketing strategist and academic researcher of digital behavior. Over a decade of experience in communications in the non-governmental, corporate and technological sector. After a long career in PR, she specializes in Digital Marketing and the consumption of digital media.. She is a Ph.D. student and neuroscience researcher at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences of the University of Belgrade specialized in the Quantitative management. She believes that life is without creation is bland. She has been an activist for a whole decade. Feel free to contact her at:

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