In a century where everything gets automated, where relationships run through social networks, where we all expect a reply to any question or message we send in a few seconds, we still need to get to the most human possible level to influence people’s decisions! There is no automation possible! But there is a science, even better, there is an art, to drive decisions.

Some call it influence, some call it manipulation and some call it persuasion. Each time, you can find a positive or a negative meaning to these three words. We are going to talk about Ethical Persuasion as this is the only way to drive a decision that another is wiling to make.

But before talking about Ethical Persuasion, which is the act of driving a decision you want while people make the decision they need, you must understand that the brain isn’t necessarily an ultra-powerful machine, if we compare it to your smartphone or computer.

By taking a computer as reference, it’s admitted that every second, your brain receives the equivalent of 10,000,000 bits. Do you know how many bits that same brain can handle, especially the part used by the decision-maker? Per second? … 60, yes, sixty [1]! Sixty lousy bits per second. Even your microwave oven does better!

Now keep in mind that the human brain is permanently active, between 90% and 100% of its capabilities – the famous 10% of the myth, seen in some movies is … a myth.

But how does this affect your turnover’s growth? Well, think about it, by asking your prospects’ and customers’ brains to make a decision, you are literally asking them to stop existing processes, and just take care of you! And their brains dislike it!

Without knowing it, you start the relationship by putting pressure on the decision maker in their brains!

And it get’s even worse when you keep driving decisions using rational ideas, concepts etc…

The rational thinking is located in the neocortex. That’s the wrinkly part you see when you pull a brain out of the bucket. As human beings, we have the largest neocortex on earth, the conclusion then is easy. Humans dominate the world. Humans have the biggest rational brain, and as such, humans make rational decisions, period. So, everyone is trying to persuade in a rational way, and as such, manipulate! This results in less persuasion, less recurring business and less revenue.

Why is being rational so bad? Why is this called manipulation, as 97% have been driving decisions that way for ages? It has to be ok then? No more. It has been proven, without any possible scientific doubt, that the rational brain doesn’t make any decision! It has a “right to vote,” but nothing more. Driving decisions in a rational way comes down to trying to drive the real decision maker against its will.

Daniel Kahneman [2] received the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2011 for his work demonstrating how the decision process works. He even admitted that he was wrong for more than 60 years, because he too was convinced that all decisions were driven rationally before that.

It’s not the rational brain (in green on the next image) that makes the decisions. It’s another part called the primal brain (in red on the image). And this primal brain is perfectly named! Because it’s been in existence for millennia! It’s so primal that some call it the “reptile” brain.

Scientific research has shown, without any possible doubt, again, that you don’t make a rational decision and then act on it, but rather you make a primal decision that your brain rationalises later.

When it comes to the decision making process you are facing a liar, a liar hiding in the subconscious part of the brain. Science has demonstrated that what drives any decision is a subconscious frustration, or a set of subconscious frustrations. Your task is to find the one, mostly the ones, that match what you have to offer.

All right, that’s a lot of knowledge about the brain and the decision process, and right now you feel your brain slightly overwhelmed, it’s ok. Using all this knowledge can seem complex, that’s why it got compiled and converted in an actionable and simple 7 step system: The Ethical Persuader System, compiled in the book “The Ethical Persuader – Get More!” 

#1 – The Optimal Client Strategy – How to grow while working only with the right people<

#2 – The Ethical Persuasion Fomula – How to eliminate manipulation and lies and use science to your benefit

#3 – The “WHY” Creator – How to eliminate the long rational boring BlahBlahBlah Sales Pitch

#4 – The Tribe Builder – The truth about the most successful brands

#5 – The Brain Friendly Speaker – Never be scared to speak in front of people

#6 – The Primal Selling – Not talking about what you sell … sells more!

#7 – The Value Ladder Strategy – What to do if you can’t grow your business

The system gives you many advantages :

  • A clear understanding of how every brain makes decisions
  • The solution to drive all the decisions you want people to make, ethically
  • Communicate directly with the decision maker in the brain
  • How to authentically resonate with people
  • The Ethical Persuasion Formula
  • What you have to do to build a tribe of raving fans who want to buy more and more
  • The solution to actually enjoy and thrive speaking in public …and get more in return
  • Create a product & pricing strategy to drive the decision to choose you/to buy from you
  • Get the tools to transform your professional AND your private life
  • How to no longer lose margin and be more profitable
  • The best techniques to create a social media profile that drives more connections
  • Create brain friendly video content that engages your target
  • Use a bit of science to be better at whatever you do or want to do.  Geeky is sheik

You can find more information about this unique book here :

About The Author

Dr. Thomas Trautmann

Your smile is my energy! Providing you with unique content and services to help you succeed and be happy is my goal. As an entrepreneur for years, I had many ups and downs, successes and failures. But the hardest thing was always being able to maintain balance and happiness in my partnership and bring happiness to my family, while helping people feel and be successful in their professional life. Following scientific studies in the fields of artificial intelligence, and an engineering degree, my career was oriented towards marketing and sales. After a few years, I became a Certified Neuromarketing Instructor, using the latest brain and decision-making science, improving my clients’ businesses’ marketing, sales and strategies. During these few years teaching and conducting NeuroMarketing projects, I studied the differences between male and female brains to help me improve my relationship and my teachings. Thus was born the NeuroCouple concept, accompanied by my first book on the subject, helping women and men enjoy better relationships thanks to brain science. By merging the science of persuasion, made ethical with my Ethical Persuasion Formula, and the NeuroCouple, I was able to start living more serenely in my relationship and better succeed in my business. It was then that it became clear to me that those who deserved the most access to all this knowledge were the people wanting to genuinely help other people reach the best decisions. And so was born the Ethical Persuader System, whose book you now hold in your hands. I give workshops, trainings and seminars for companies and individuals. And I am also a speaker at conferences all around the world, to help people like you, become the Ethical Persuader. Thanks for your time and for being part of the people taking action! I believe in you, The Ethical Persuader. Dr. Thomas Trautmann

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