Partnership Oxford

The Institute for Neuromarketing based in Zagreb, Croatia, specializes in scientific and development research in the field of neuromarketing and consumer neuroscience has established a partnership with Oxford Business College, UK. The Oxford Business College said: „Our on-going partnership with Institute for Neuromarketing helps us to better understand the needs and wishes of customers (including our students) through the application of neuroscientific methodology and technology. Services provided to OBC include: neuroadvertising, neurobranding and neurodesign.“ We are very proud and thrilled for this institutional’s partnership to strengthen OBC brand in academia and to make a significant contribution to their innovation & research centre CARE (Centre for Applied Research and Entrepreneurship).

More about our partnership in new OxConnect Magazine, pp 24-26. Link: https://issuu.com/antoninopilade/docs/magazine_converted_21_12_2021_19-30_page31

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