The Institute for Neuromarketing is a world-leading authority on understanding how the human brain responds to marketing stimuli. Our multidisciplinary research approach helps our clients and us better understand customer behaviour and emotionally engage them at cognitive and noncognitive levels. We are pioneering the use of cutting-edge neuromarketing techniques such as neuroadvertising, neurobranding, neurodesign, and neuropricing, which enable companies to create more effective marketing campaigns that truly resonate with their customers.

We are always in need of talented individuals from universities and research institutions who can bring fresh ideas and enthusiasm to help innovate in this field. This is an exciting opportunity for volunteers who want to be part of a unique team of experts dedicated to advancing the knowledge of neuromarketing at a global level.

At the Institute for Neuromarketing, we value creativity, innovation, passion, drive, and collaboration. As part of our team, you will be expected to collaborate with other researchers across Europe – including leading universities, research institutions and industry partners – to develop new scientific findings, patents, and scientific publications, as well as work together on projects that advance our understanding of neuromarketing.

If you have a background in neuromarketing, behavioural consumer psychology or neuroscience-related fields with experience in experimental design or data analysis, we want to hear from you! Together we can revolutionise the way we approach marketing by using insights from neuroscience that enable us to understand how customers interact with brands on an emotional level. Join us today!