The Governing Council runs the Institute. It is composed of three members. The members of Governing Council are appointed for a term of four years.

The Governing Council of the Institute:

  • adopts the annual work programme and the reports on the realization of the Institute’s programmes;
  • supervises their implementation and adopts the reports on the operation of the Institute;
  • decides on the financial plan and annual account;
  • collects annual financial reports on the operation of the Institute;
  • proposes a change of activity to the Founder;
  • submits proposals and opinions on specific issues to the Founder, takes decisions and performs other tasks determined by law, the Instrument of Incorporation or the Articles of Association;
  • conducts a development, financial and general business policy of the Institute;
  • appoints and dismisses the Director;
  • adopts general acts of the Institute;
  • performs other tasks determined by law, the Instruments of Incorporation, the Articles of Association and other general acts of the Institute.
  • takes decisions that have not been subjected to the authority of other bodies by the Articles of Association.


Governing Council Chairman: M.Sc. Ilija Sola, C. E.
Governing Council Members are Prof. Dr. Ivan Matković and Dr. Aljoša Šestanović.

Dr. Aljoša Šestanović

Aljoša Šestanović has been gained most of professional business experience mainly in the financial services industry, including corporate banking and management consultancy. For the past eight years, holding a rank of an Associate Professor, he has been teaching at a higher education institution, and have led courses in finance and accounting such as Corporate Finance, Financial Statements Analysis, Company Appraisal, Cost-benefit Analysis, Financial Accounting, Management Accounting. He has extensive experience in valuation of brands and trademarks.

His other credentials include the CFA Charter, Regular Membership with CFA Institute and an Investment Advisor and Broker License granted by the Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency. In 2014 he was appointed a Court Expert Witness on finance and accounting matters.

He regularly holds workshops on financial analysis and company valuations, hold lectures on financial management for certified accountant candidates, and develop cost/benefit analysis for companies. He also served as the editor of the Croatian translation of the textbook Fundamentals of Financial Management written by Van-Horne and Wachowicz.

Prof. Dr. Ivan Matkovic

He has acquired a PhD in Economic Sciences in 2011. He has been elected a senior lecturer in the scientific-educational field (2013) for the scientific field of social sciences, within the scientific field of economics at the Dr. Milenko Brkić Faculty of Social Sciences at the Hercegovina University in Mostar, where he is a module-coordinator of several courses in the field of Management.

Pursuant to the Decision of the University Senate of the Hercegovina University in Mostar, he was elected an Associate Professor within the scientific and educational profession in March 2018. He has received his Master’s degree in the area of engineering disciplines (2004) having defended his master’s thesis at the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences of the University in Zagreb.

With his interdisciplinary education and activity in the area of social and engineering sciences he has over 30 years of professional business experience and has published a number of scientific and professional papers. He is an active member of the Croatian Economic Association (HDE),  the Croatian Scientific Society for Traffic (HZDP) and the Croatian Association of Graduate Engineers at the Faculty of Traffic Sciences (AMAC-FSC) in Zagreb.

He is currently at the position of the Dean of the Instruktor Polytechnic in Split, and a lecturer holding several courses at the Hercegovina University and a member of various committees for the defense of the undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate theses at the University. At the Institute for Neuromarketing, he holds the position of a Member of the Governing Council. He is fluent in English and knows the basics of German.