We are happy to be a part of “First Circul-A-Bility Conference”, organized by Università di Foggia from Italy where we were able to present our findings from our latest neuromarketing research by using a real-world use case on Croatian brand: Imunoalfa . As a neuroscience based methodology application to the study of food packaging has recently gained huge popularity (both in academia and practice) but there are still some concerns about the methods and metrics which are offered as well the interpretation of this finding. In the recent years, a noticeable increase in the use of eye-tracking and EEG frontal asymmetry technique was observed to measure cognitive processes of consumers among which are attention and perception to gain insights into their decision-making processes, consumer preferences and/or motivations. Also, lots of traditional market research methods have been focused on surveys and group discussions which seems to be irrelevant as 95% of our purchase decision takes place in the subconscious mind. Due to the fact while touring supermarket shelves, each consumer may pass up to 300 different products per minute , showing us how brands’ opportunities to catch consumers’ attention is very limited. During this research we opened potential pitfalls such as: cost, time, lack of widely shared standards for the analysis of physiological measures and research standards, as well proved how relying on eye tracking techniques for testing the brand packaging design was enough for obtaining insightful data in the product packaging field as EEG show statistically insignificant findings. The whole research paper will be published in prestigious scientific Journal and by now, we would like to thank to all authors Dr. Hedda Martina Šola, M.Sc. Mirta Mikac, Dr. Peter SteidlSarwar Khawaja and Dr. Fayyaz Hussain Qureshi who conduct and made this research available to wider scientific and commercial professionals. We thank to Prof. Giancarlo Colelli (University of Foggia), Prof. Philip B.V. Scholten (Bloom Biorenewables), Prof. Milena Corredig (Aarhus University), Maria Luisa Amodio and Antonella Cammarelle (University of Foggia), and Annalisa Apicela (University of Salerno) who gave us the opportunity to be speakers and present our poster on this conference! We thank to all Scientific Commitee members from the “First Circul-A-Bility Conference” for giving us the acceptance to present our research on the Conference. We thank Mrs. Danijela Balikic (Orange & Green) for providing “Imunoalfa” brand images for this research.

More about the conference: https://projects.au.dk/circul-a-bility/

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