Is traditional marketing dead? Is neuromarketing the future? What even is neuromarketing? Join us for an upcoming event as we discover the world of neuromarketing with expert Dr Hedda Martina Šola.

You may remember that on September 10th, we posted a blog on social media looking at neuromarketing. It’s a concept that focuses on how the brain responds to marketing messages. For example, how does the brain react biologically when an individual sees a certain picture, or hears a certain sound? Neuromarketing, or consumer neuroscience as it’s also known, uses biological data to determine how people react to advertising and marketing campaigns.

Dr Hedda is an expert in neuromarketing. As well as an Associate Professor at Oxford Business College, she’s also Director of the Institute for Neuromarketing, an organisation specialising in the field of consumer neuroscience. She also regularly speaks at international conferences on the subject, and wrote the first book on neuromarketing to be published in Croatia.

Neuroscience, according to Dr Hedda, is about revealing what people are really thinking and feeling, something that can be hidden by traditional marketing analysis which relies on verbal feedback from consumers. Neuromarketing has grown rapidly in recent years, and is now becoming an essential component of the marketing mix.

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Neuromarketing may be the future, but it’s also making a big difference today. Make sure you join Oxford Business College and Dr Hedda Martina Šola to learn all about consumer neuroscience.


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