Research calls for neuromarketing projects in 2020!

The call is aiming at bringing together Universities and/or researcher companies across the globe to innovate solutions to accelerate new scientific findings in neuromarketing and neuroscience, new patents where we’ll jointly gather and publish our research in various scientific publications/journals and working together on collaborative projects of mutual interests.

Closing date: November 20th, 2019.
Do you have a great idea/project on which you’re working for? Interested for a mutual collaboration on it? Join us for mutual cooperation on Neuromarketing projects in 2020!
Together, we can make a difference in science!
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The Institute for Neuromarketing is the only institute in the Republic of Croatia specializing in scientific and development research in the field of neuromarketing and consumer neuroscience with several key objectives, which are as follows: (1) help companies to get a better understanding of the needs and wishes of their customers through the application of neuroscientific methodology and technology. Moreover, with a day-to-day application of neuromarketing within the marketing mix (7P) at the unconscious level, you will find out what the customers think about your brand, product, advertisement, price, or design. In addition to neuromarketing research, we also provide consulting services on how to improve your brand, product, advertisement, design or set the sales price that “makes one’s brain happy”. In addition to its application in business, our objective (2) based on the previous and future research in neuromarketing is to establish a scientific infrastructure that would be of interest to the entire system of scientific activity and higher education in the area of marketing and neuromarketing. (3) By applying the diversified neuroscientific methodology in the field of neuromarketing, our objective is to design and develop new models in science following the examples of the best international practice. We hire and work side-by-side with numerous leading scientists and international expert with a diversified research portfolio in the areas such as neuromarketing, neuroscience, marketing, economics, psychology and bioengineering. Therefore, we can undertake very demanding marketing projects and promptly respond to all the marketing challenges. The Institute for Neuromarketing is a member of the renowned international Neuromarketing Science & Business Association (NMSBA) and applies their Code of Ethics for the application of neuroscience in business, as well as the Code of Conduct in research, published by the European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research (ESOMAR). We are subject to European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and have taken all the necessary measures to protect our customers’ data.

We specialize in the following activities:



NEUROBRANDING – We build a strong sense of empathy between your customers and your brand.
NEUROADVERTISING – We measure TV, video, radio, print, and digital advertising performance.
NEUROPRICE – We test your product price
NEURODESIGN – We test product packaging, brands and graphic design
NEUROMARKETING TO GO – We perform various neuromarketing measurements at the point of sale.
WE HAVE A PERMANENT COURT-APPOINTED EXPERT for marketing and intellectual property rights.


ADVERTISING – Video, print, digital, various concepts
SHOPPER – Packaging, Shelf Layout, Promotions, POS & Display
MEDIA – Promotions, Digital marketing, Web pages, Web shops, Social media
PRODUCT – Product Experience, Product Development, Product design


The possibilities for its use are endless, including by marketing companies, banks, insurance companies, institutions, tourist boards, political parties and politicians, social media, phone companies, digital media, the motor car industry, food companies, pharmaceuticals, etc.


About The Author Hedda Martina Šola

doc. Hedda Martina Šola is a winner of the prestigious Croatian Women of Influence 2019 award and is cited in the International Encyclopaedia - Hübners Who is Who in Croatia (2015) as one of the leading marketing experts in the Republic of Croatia. Her name is linked to several visual identities of Cities and Municipalities, as well as strategic marketing plans, brands and strategies. To this day, she has advised over 100 different companies and published over 30 scientific and professional papers, as well as a book on Neuromarketing that has been published in both Croatia and the USA (“Neuromarketing Armoury”). Today, she serves as the Director of the “Institute for Neuromarketing”. She is a docent at the marketing department of the Hercegovina University and advisor to the management board of the leading companies, towns and municipalities for strategic marketing and neuromarketing. Dr. Sola is a permanent court-appointed expert in the field of marketing and intellectual property at the County Court in Zagreb. She is a member of the Committee for the drafting of the Proposal for Innovation and Harmonization of the Courses of Study in the organizational unit of the Dr. Milenko Brkić Faculty of Social Sciences. Her name also appears on several visual identities of the towns and municipalities, as well as strategic marketing plans, brands and strategies. She is fluent in three foreign languages: English, Italian and Russian. More on:

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