We proudly announce how ‘Institute for Neuromarketing’ has been awarded with the prestigious UK Innovation and Excellence Award as a winner of ‘MOST INNOVATIVE MARKETING OGRANISATION IN EUROPE’!

Their jury committee says: ‘This is by far the most important category when awarding a company for Innovation & Excellence. With such a broad range of businesses being recognised, we look at each case individually and assess how the team have harnessed more effective processes, products, or ideas in order to: transform their industry for the better, increase profits, and/or offer a more successful service. From inventing new products, to adapting a business model to suit a changing market, innovation is present in many forms and should lead the way in how a company thinks and evolves’.

We would like to thank to all our partners, clients, colleagues and the Institute’s staff members who worked with us and contributed to get this Award! We are fortunate to have such a great team! Thank you all for all your efforts and sacrifices, team. Thank you for challenging yourselves and acing it every time in such an extraordinary way!

This Award will always remind us how hard work, dedication and passion leads to great success at the end!
The whole interview with our Director General, Dr. Hedda Martina Šola you can read here.

Innovation and exellence certificate
Institut za neuromarketing - Hedda Martina Šola - Inovation of excellence 2021 Interview

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