In today’s turbulent marketing market and with the development of new technologies, visits to web pages are a major concern.  Every company/corporation/institution/mass media wants to be the most read and the most visited.  However, statistical indicators, such as various marketing tools and metrics, are not able to give us a realistic insight into what our visitors are looking at on the web page, and what kind of emotions they experience while reading your content.  Precisely for this reason, these tools are nothing more than a perfect supplement for neuromarketing research.


UX RESEARCH is a method that measures the movements of the computer mouse, whereby we can easily identify that for example the buttons “buy” or “read more” are completely unattractive or unnoticeable on your page.  However, in order for our conclusion to be based not on presumptions but on facts, this method also monitors eye-movement, and facial emotions are decoded.  Why is this important? Take the following example: someone has visited your web page, they have noticed the “read more” or “buy” buttons (the heat map clearly shows us where the user is looking and what they are doing with the mouse), but they have avoided them and not clicked on them. Without these measurements, questions would arise such as:  “Is the “buy more” button in the right place? Is it sufficiently well recognized?” etc. but now we have the answer to that question and we can find out more about why the visitor did not click on the desired spot.  Through a more detailed insight into emotions, we arrive at the answer to these questions.  We can learn how the buyer feels when they look at the desired spot on the web site, then on that basis we can draw the correct conclusion and advise you about what needs to be done to your web site in order to achieve more visits to the desired pages.  There are many reasons why visitors do not click on the desired place on the page (e.g. they are not satisfied with the price of the product; they are confused by the description of the product etc.). It is important to mention here that in neuromarketing no one method is sufficient alone, but it is necessary to integrate each one with other methods of neuromarketing measurement, in order to obtain good quality insights into the perception, attention, emotions, behaviour and cognition of your customers.  Using artificial intelligence you can monitor your users during their visits to your web pages (in real time), not only relying on statistical indicators.  UX RESEARCH measures facial expression, follows your eye movements, the activities of the mouse and makes audio recordings.


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