The Director of the Institute represents and acts on behalf of the Institute, and is accountable to the Governing Council of the Institute.

The Director of the Institute performs the following tasks:

  • organizes, directs and manages the activities of the Institute;
  • submits a proposal of the Articles of Incorporation and general acts of the Institute;
  • implements the general acts of the Institute and adopts the related decisions;
  • executes the decisions of the Governing Council, takes measures and issues the instructions for the adoption of the measures;
  • appoints and dismisses the employees with special powers;
  • decides on the hiring and dismissing of employees in accordance with the laws and regulations;
  • decides on the rights and obligations related to labor;
  • submits the report on the operation of the Institute to the Governing Council,
  • takes all the necessary measures to ensure the functioning of the Institute;
  • organizes the international cooperation of the Institute;
  • attends the meetings of the Governing Council;
  • performs other tasks determined by law, the Instruments of Incorporation, the Articles of Association and other general acts of the Institute.


At the meeting held on August 20, 2019, the Governing Council of the Institute for Neuromarketing and Intellectual Property in Zagreb adopted a decision appointing Doc.Dr.Hedda Martina Sola,  the Director of the Institute for Neuromarketing and Intellectual Property, starting with August 20, 2019, for a term of four years.

Doc.Dr. Hedda Martina Šola, DIRECTOR GENERAL

Dr. Hedda Martina Šola

Doc. Dr. Hedda Martina Šola is a renowned leader in the Neuromarketing field, having attained national and international recognition for her pioneering contributions to this growing industry. She currently holds prominent positions at Institute for Neuromarketing and Intellectual Property as Director General and at Oxford Business College UK as Research Coordinator & Associate Professor while providing counsel to over 100 companies worldwide coupled with 30 published scientific papers-including her book ‘Neuromarketing Armoury’ which has been translated across two languages!

This remarkable professional has over 25 years of strategic marketing experience. She has held multiple prominent roles, including Member Of The Management Board, Spokesperson, and Head Of The Marketing Department with the Export & Investment Promotion Agency (Croatian Government), to name a few!

She serves as a court-appointed permanent expert witness for marketing and intellectual property rights cases. An often sought-after interlocutor by global media outlets, Doc. Dr. Šola also possesses considerable influence within academia: partnering with top Universities worldwide on research projects while providing consultancy services to leading companies across the market.

Her profound language skills further add to her expertise; Doc. Dr. Šola is fluent in Croatian, English, Italian, and Russian – a testament to the international character of her profession.

For more information about Doc.Dr. Hedda Martina Šola and her work, visit here

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