The Director of the Institute represents and acts on behalf of the Institute, and is accountable to the Governing Council of the Institute.

The Director of the Institute performs the following tasks:

  • organizes, directs and manages the activities of the Institute;
  • submits a proposal of the Articles of Incorporation and general acts of the Institute;
  • implements the general acts of the Institute and adopts the related decisions;
  • executes the decisions of the Governing Council, takes measures and issues the instructions for the adoption of the measures;
  • appoints and dismisses the employees with special powers;
  • decides on the hiring and dismissing of employees in accordance with the laws and regulations;
  • decides on the rights and obligations related to labor;
  • submits the report on the operation of the Institute to the Governing Council,
  • takes all the necessary measures to ensure the functioning of the Institute;
  • organizes the international cooperation of the Institute;
  • attends the meetings of the Governing Council;
  • performs other tasks determined by law, the Instruments of Incorporation, the Articles of Association and other general acts of the Institute.


At the meeting held on August 20, 2019, the Governing Council of the Institute for Neuromarketing in Zagreb adopted a decision appointing Doc.Dr.Hedda Martina Sola,  the Director of the Institute for Neuromarketing, starting with August 20, 2019, for a term of four years.

Doc.Dr. Hedda Martina Šola, DIRECTOR GENERAL

Dr. Hedda Martina Šola

She has received a PhD in Neuromarketing at the postgraduate doctoral course in socio-economic sciences and has earned the academic title of a doctor of economic sciences (Dr: 2017). She has received a Master’s degree at the Specialist graduate professional study of Economics (2011) and has received her education in Croatia, USA (Cleveland State University, FIAS- Washington DC, Cambridge Wealth Management), Austria (WIFI Institute for Economic Promotion) and Denmark (University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen Business School) where she has completed her training as a specialist in neuromarketing and consumer neuroscience.

She is the winner of the prestigious Croatian Women of Influence 2019 award. She is cited in the International Encyclopaedia – Hübners Who is Who in Croatia (2015) as one of the leading marketing experts in the Republic of Croatia. She has acquired 20 years of professional experience in strategic marketing positions as a Member of the Management Board and the marketing officer at the leading companies, as well as the spokesperson and Head of the Marketing Department of the Export and Investment Promotion Agency of the Croatian Government.

She has been appointed Vice Dean for Business Cooperation and International Affairs at the Nikola Subic Zrinski University College of Economics, Entrepreneurship and Management (2015), where she was a module co-ordinator of several courses in management and marketing. Pursuant to the opinion of the Head Committee for Social Sciences of the Council of Polytechnics and Colleges of the Republic of Croatia (2013) she has been elected a lecturer in Social Sciences. Pursuant to the Decision of the University Senate, she has been elected a docent at the Hercegovina University (2018), where she was a module co-ordinator of several marketing courses at the undergraduate and graduate university study. She has won several international awards and recognitions.

She has been actively cooperating on various projects with leading marketing/neuromarketing companies and Universities around the world. To this day, she has advised over 100 different companies and published over 30 scientific and professional papers, as well as a book on neuromarketing that has been published in both Croatia and the USA. Today, she serves as the Director of the Institute for Neuromarketing. She is working as associate professor at the Oxford Business College, UK and as advisor to leading companies to the market. She has teamed up with top Universities worldwide where she is having a collaboration on various Neuromarketing research projects..

She is a permanent court-appointed expert in the field of Marketing and Intellectual Property at the County Court in Zagreb.  Her name also appears on several visual identities of the towns and municipalities, as well as strategic marketing plans, brands and strategies. She is fluent in three foreign languages: English, Italian and Russian.

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